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Cursisten over het communicatietraject bij Regina Coeli

You manage to motivate and encourage people to open up and share, in such a calm way. It’s amazing how far you’ve brought us. Glad you made a career change!!!
Jo Toebosch, docent Engels

I admire the fact that you got up and did all of this in English. You created a trusting space in which we could all be free and emotional and I think you have a lovely personality and are a great coach!
Helen Hotchkin, docent Engels

It has been such a pleasure following the training with you. You have a way of communicating that is really admirable so we couldn’t have had a better example during our sessions. I hope we are lucky enough to follow another training with you in the future .
Patrice Meally, docent Engels

What I take away from Mariska’s training is the unbelievable power and movement which can be stirred when people feel heard, appreciated and listened to! Mariska has a gift of really showing compassion and empathy and this encouraged us to dare to open our hearts and show our vulnerable side. It was really beautiful to see her so well received. She created a buzz and a team spirit. The focus was on us, not schedules, time tables or  admin. necessities.
Susan Pijpers, docent Engels